The Financial Services sector is one of the main industries that benefits hugely from promotional products….

Whether you’re a stock broker, insurance company, investment banker a mortgage company, commercial bank or a credit union, promotional products are one of the most cost-effective promotional marketing solutions.

They also guarantee you a return on investment with 79% of consumers who are given promotional gifts more likely to use the firm or company’s services. Branded promotional gifts are an excellent way of influencing clients to use a company’s services over a competitor.

*Research survey conducted by the BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association) to 200 marketers during Marketing Week Live 2017*

Promotional products are also used in the financial services sector to amplify the firm’s or company’s level of professionalism and are used by employees during client meetings to demonstrate this.

Our top five that are loved in the industry are…

Branded promotional umbrellas

Fibrestorm Golf Umbrella – brand-able with your logo and design

In 2016, promotional umbrellas were in the top 20 bestselling promotional product ranges in the UK. Now, in 2017 promotional umbrellas are still one of the bestselling products. The Fibrestorm umbrella range is one of the most popular as it’s available in so many different  options.

There’s the value umbrellas starting from £7.60 to automatic double canopy umbrellas from £21.30. Light weight, storm proof and wind resistant, these stylish umbrellas can be branded in many different ways, giving your logo and design a real lift!

Perfect for the morning commute in Blightly for your customers and employees.

Corporate Branded Notebooks

Tuscon edge notebook with contrasting elastic closure band and page edges.

Corporate branded notebooks are getting more popular by the day. A classic promotional product that will be used by both employees and clients on a daily basis. One of the most popular and well known is the Castelli range which is an Italian brand of  beautiful style and quality. This oi one of the reasons thay are so well received  in the financial industry. With the great range of branding options available from embossing to full colour print, doming to foil blocking. Your brand will stand out and be a great reflection on your company.


If you want to add extra value to your branded note book we have a wide range of packaging options to choose from.

A lovely range of coloured tissue paper, presentation boxes and sleeves that can be branded with your logo, a range of coloured ribbon. This can really give your branded promotional note book the WOW factor when your client or member of staff receives it.

Click here to view our range of Castelli notebooks.

Promotional Money Boxes & Piggy Banks

Promotional cow piggy bank branded with your logo.

Promotional money boxes and piggy banks are ideal giveaways for all types of financial institutions, insurance companies and  banks. Not only can these promotional products be branded with a company logo and marketing message, but the item itself symbolises exactly what financial firms stand for; keeping money safe.

Our promotional money boxes come in many different shapes and sizes, from the traditional piggy bank to cow banks and even a house money box!


Cross Bailey Ball Pen

Cross Bailey ball pen engraved with your logo and complete with presentation box and life time guarantee.

This promotional ball pen is engraved to to one position with your logo and is a cost-effective branded gift for a client with high perceived value.

These promotional writing instruments come with black ink and are perfect for finance firms or companies looking to thank a client for using their services, as well as for signing important office documents.


Ultimate Wireless Activity Watch

Track and display your activity – time, steps, distance, calories burnt, time exercising and target goal. Syncs wirelessly to your smartphone, Syncs with Apple IOS iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, 6 and Android Samsung, Galaxy S11, Note 11. RoHS compliant

According to a recent study by an online business publication, 44% of workers say that they’ve gained weight in their job due to sitting at their desk for most of the day.

Our new Smart Watch Tracker is a stylish branded gadget with a built in step monitor, alarm and call reminder. With subtle branding options, this promotional step tracking device is a great way to keep your employees and clients active and therefore maintain a positive environment in the workplace.



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What is the most effective form of marketing and planning?

Fact: With over 80% of internet users owning a smartphone, we live in a time where technology dominates our everyday lives. There is a looming misconception about the need for calendars and diaries in our modern day society.

Despite the introduction of digital planners and event notifications popping up on our electronic device, promotional calendars and branded diaries have continued to be in the top 20 promotional product ranges for two consecutive years (2015/2016)

Did you know that 68% of companies have incorporated mobile phone marketing into their strategy?

Now is the time to consider utilising promotional calendars and diaries. With the costs of running adverts, apps, PPC campaigns and now Facebook advertising which are specifically targeted at mobile users, the Brands’ overall annual spend has the potential to increase considerably year after year.

On the other-hand promotional calendars and diaries are a timeless and cost-effective way to ensure your brand is in front of your clients 365 days a year.


Why are calendars and diaries preferred among consumers over mobile phones?

According to a report published by the Psychological Science Journal using a paper and pen boosts your memory and the ability to retain information, therefore by writing an event in your calendar you’ve got a better chance of remembering the details.


You will never forget that all important:

  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • First date
  • Insurance renewal
  • MOT
  • Renewal of utility contract
  • Dental check
  • Tax return deadline
  • School placement applications

Calendars and diaries have become an essential for both the workplace and home, where most of a persons’ day is spent sat in front of a screen in an office it’s a nice break from the digital world to get your diary or calendar out and planning your schedule.
The second you write in your calendar or diary it becomes personal and unique to you and you have the security of knowing that it cannot run out of battery be hacked or mysteriously deleted!

Promotional calendars are popular because…

  • It’s a one-off payment that secures a year’s worth of advertising promotion that won’t be scrolled past on social media
  • Personalised wall calendars ensure your brand is displayed In the workplace or at home, (the most visited room of the house is the kitchen)
  • Branded diaries are kept with you at all times
  • Each calendar or diary can be personalised with your corporate logo to ensure your brand marketing message is displayed in a stylish and effective way.

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