There are multiple benefits of working with UK manufacturing companies.

There’s a lot to be said for our Great British Brands. The title alone carries an air of quality from Aston Martin and Harrods, to Fortnum & Mason.

We have a wide range of branded promotional products available that are made in the UK, the companies that we work with define that more than 50% of the product must be made in the UK.

This has many benefits for you, our customers.

Lead times

If you need a product quickly and it’s not held in stock we will need to import it and with general shipping times around 16 weeks, this can cause a huge problem.

How many promotional product campaigns are planned that well in advance? in my experience (which is over 15 years!) not many.

With a British manufacturer, this can be turned around pretty quickly, shipping will generally take a day once the product is made and branded with your design.

Minimum Order Quantities

The beauty of buying products that are manufactured in the UK is that it gives you more flexibility in the quantity you want to order. The minimum is based on efficient manufacturing, often as low as 120 pieces.

Collaborative Working

We aim to build good working relationships with our British Manufacturers which in turn helps us to offer you, our customers with new and exciting ideas.


Promotional Americano travel mug in green with purple lid and grip. Prunted with your logo

Americano travel mug with matching lid and grip.

The Americano travel mug is just one of the many products available that are manufactured here in the UK.


This is the most popular promotional travel mug as it is available in a wide range of colours and can be printed up to full colour with your design. There is a wide range of colour lids available and the option of the hand grip which can also be printed with your logo.


Bespoke cotton shopper printed full colour with your design

There are also British manufactured cotton bags, a bespoke product that can be made any size up to 58cm wide and printed full colour with your logo or design edge-to-edge. Drawstring closing or tote style handles are available to suit your requirements.


From branded sports bottles, post-it notes, wiro notepads, seed sticks which are based on the original 1940’s design of a matchbook to fridge magnets and confectionary; there’s something for everyone!

If you want to know more about our range of products, please call us on 01234 344317.

We’d love to hear from you.


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